Janet Jackson Tour 2016 – Unbreakable Is Here!

One of the most beautiful and talented pop stars on the face of the earth today is going out on the road once again after quite a long break. The Janet Jackson tour 2016 has a ton of dates scheduled this upcoming year. It’s almost certainly going to visit a town that’s close to where you live. She has dubbed these concerts the unbreakable tour. There are a limited amount of seats for each show, so it’s always wise to make your purchase well in advance. If you wait too long you might find out that there aren’t any tickets left once you do try to buy some!

It’s already been several years since we’ve had the pleasure to see Miss Jackson perform live in front of our eyes. She already started playing live shows this year, but she is going to be playing even more next year. That’s actually when the meat of her concerts will take place. The first leg is soon to be over, but due to overwhelming demand from her fans she had to put many more shows on the schedule. Thanks to this second leg there will be ample opportunities to watch this talented singer live. If you are wondering whether or not there is a show in your neck of the woods you can simply scroll up and take a look at the schedule dates that are released thus far. We have every single show that she has announced to date, so if there isn’t anything nearby, just keep waiting and hopefully something will show up eventually.

Already Released A Second Leg!

The second leg is planned to begin on January 12, and the first location that is going to be visited on the next leg is in Portland Oregon. If you want to catch her on the first leg you will have to do so before November 12 is this is the last date of the first leg of her live shows. There’s lots of special bonuses that you can claim during unbreakable. If you buy her new album with the same name as her concerts you automatically have the chance to get tickets at a lower price than the rest of the people who didn’t support her new CD. That’s how she works, you scratch her back and she scratches yours! This special promotion isn’t going to be going on for the entirety of the live shows though, you should look into it immediately if you want to cash in on the special discounts.

Another thing that she’s doing that most other musicians do not do is she is giving some lucky fans extremely personal access to herself just before she goes out to play the show. This is another special bonus that’s possibly available by grabbing her new album. This is going to be limited to a small amount of fans, but if you are one of the lucky ones you’ll be able to communicate with her through text message and also see each and every award that she has earned over her career in person. If you got the CD when it first came out a few months ago, you were treated her first single that no one had ever heard outside of her close personal friends and business associates. That song has been out for a while now, but back closer to the beginning of the year it was quite the newsworthy item.

Personal Star Access!

It’s quite rare when a star at the level of her allows this kind of personal access prior to her concert. This just goes to show you that the Janet Jackson tour 2016 is always full of surprises! She really goes out of her way to show the crowd just how much she appreciates their support. You won’t find lots of other musicians doing anything remotely like this. This is just the tip of the iceberg to. Each and every show is filled with special surprises that are going to be unique to that specific location. You will share an amazing night with Janet and create memories that will last a lifetime! If you are mulling over the cost of tickets to see her, just remember that that special night is priceless.